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My name is Violetta. I am from a small island in Washington State. I began belly dancing six years ago. Belly dance made a strong impression on my life. During this time I explored other forms of dance including regional dances of Tajikastan, Afghani, and classical persian. Yet I find myself overwhelmed with passion for belly dance and within the last year and a half I have taken my interest in Belly dance from a hobby to a lifestyle.


Ruby has been my primary instructor and influence over the last six years. Since I began her Mentorship Program I have not only experienced a dramatic change in my dance but in my life. When I watch Ruby perform I give into the part of myself that wants to be a powerful dancer. Her dancing makes me want to dedicate my life to this dance form and recently I have made this my life path. I have been in the program for one year. When I first began, my dancing was soft and limited . I had quintessential movements and isolation’s down but the elements that create a dance were lacking from my repertoire. I wanted to be powerful and dynamic. My first goal in the program was a choreography for a competition. This changed my dance for ever. Ruby helped me to hear the music for the first time and taught me how to display this music on my body. Through choreography I found inspiration and creative power. Ruby has helped me find my own voice in dance. This program is the best thing I have ever done for myself and I have immense gratitude for Ruby's guidance, support, coaching and instruction. I am so thankful to have her as my mentor.





2013 Jewel of the Sierra " 1 st Place Non-Pro"

2013 Bellydancer USA "1st place Hobbyist" 
2013 Bellydancer USA "1st place Hobbyist Peoples choice"
2013 La Danse Orientale "2nd Place Rising Star"

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