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Mentorship Program

Ruby, Beh, Belly Dance, London, England, Asia, Japan, China

Want to take your dancing to the next level but are not sure where to start?  Need help staying motivated and inspired? 

 Want to find your own voice in dance?  Ruby can help!

In this focused, one on one, intensive program a unique course of study is developed for each dancer.  With rigorous assignments, goal setting, check-ins and “exams” Ruby has been helping dancers realize their full potential for years and her students have been having amazing results! For the last consecutive three years her students have won the prestigious title of Miss Bellydancer USA, as well as a number of other professional and intermediate level titles from oriental dance to fusion to 7-veils. To learn more about Ruby's students and their achievements check out her student successes page.

The mentorship program is generally geared towards dancers of an intermediate to advanced level, however exceptions have been made for extremely motivated beginners.  If you’re interested, please contact Ruby for details!


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