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Few times do you meet someone who totally changes the trajectory of your life. Since meeting Ruby and becoming a student in her Mentorship Program, I have grown exponentially as a dancer and as a person. Her unique approach to training has forced me to look at my dance in a completely different way. In doing this she has helped me carve out clear achievable goals and each week we take another step towards attaining them. I can see myself growing and becoming the dancer and person I want to be. Ruby has been a drill sergeant to push me thru the 'growing pains', a shoulder to cry on, and a giver of wisdom when I feel like I am the only one who goes thru whatever challenge stands in my way, as well as a cheerleader to celebrate my successes. She has taught me how to value myself and stand my ground in my business. More than that, She has taught me how to open up and dance with confidence and how to create my own art by being my own dancer.

It is amazing how important and life changing it is to surround yourself with positive people and how amazingly those people can impact your life. I sought Ruby out as an amazingly inspiring instructor. In the process I have gained a sister and true friend. 

Thank you Ruby. From the bottom of my heart I truly appreciate you.



2015 Belly Dancer USA 1st runner-up  "Pro Category"

2015 Belly Dancer USA 1st runner-up "People's Choice  Pro"
2014  Michigan Middle Eastern Dance Championships 

          - 1st place  "Oriental Improv Category"
          - 1st place  "Folk Category~ for Raks Asayaa"
          - 1st place " Props Category ~ for Double Fan Veil"
          - 1st place  "Routine Roulette" Category
          - 2nd place " Oriental Open Category"
          - 2nd place " Taqsim Improv Category"
          - 2nd place " Drum Solo Improv Category"

2013  Jewel of the Sierra "3nd Place Live Music Pro"
2012  Jewel of the Sierra "2nd Place Live Music Pro"
2012  Jewel of the Sierra "3rd Place Got Props" 


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