Classic White Bella

Costume Includes:

2 skirt and veil sets (one pearly white chiffon and one silk black/white),

Bra, Beaded vest, Belt, Upper arm bands, Wrist bands, Headband, Necklace


I love this costume!  It has all bugle bead short fringe, it is very comfortable and light.  It has been worn a bunch and there are a couple of places on the bra straps where beads are missing and I have had to move the hooks 3 times since I've owned it so there are a few spots in the lining where you can see those changes.


Bra: Vertical--6.5 inches, Horizontal--8 inches, Strap--33 inches (32DDD-34DD)

Belt: 36 inches (there are two pieces here so it could be made smaller or up to 37.5 inches)

Skirts: both range from 33 inches to 35.5 inches


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