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Roxy graduated from University of Washington with a BS in Computer Science and ever since worked in Information Technology. She is currently a Solution Architect and love having dance as her most favorite hobby. Roxy has been exploring both belly dance and flamenco recently and had a little taste of ballet, modern dance and jazz while she was in college. Roxy believes that dance keep her healthy in both mentally and physically, stay young, beautiful and strong.


What amazed me about Ruby was that she is not only coaching us in dance but also to empower us by connecting us to each other and helping each other grow with a strong, supportive and loving bond! We all come to the competition to support each other as well as other contestants so that we can all do our best, Placing or winning or not is up  to the judges and audiences but is up to us to work hard and get it done. Ruby is such a wonderful coach. I love the fact that she has helped me grow through rigorous coaching sessions without impoing her personal dance style on me. She sees me for who I am and helps me to grow my dancing so that I may show that thru movement. I have found myself in dance and feel confident that I can improvise with structure and still give a powerful performance without the stress of memorized steps (I admired people who can do it – memorizing steps on stage that is:)!!!). I found my joy in dancing and with Ruby's help  I can now dance with my own voice for the songs that I am passionate about. 

Thanks Ruby!  <3





2013 Belly Dancer USA
         "Professional Alternative Music Winner"

2013 La Danse Orientale
        "Alternative Music Solo Winner"
2012 Belly Dancer USA
       "Non-Pro Alternative Music Winner"

2012 Belly Dancer USA
       "3rd place Hobbyist"

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