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I first starting studying middle eastern dance in 2006 under Cira in Salem, OR. While I started with American Cabaret I soon joined Cira's ATS troupe Artemis as well BellyFunk, a fusion troupe directed by my good friend Cassandra Rose. Over the years I studied with different instructors via workshops, festivals, retreats. I was such a die hard for Tribal, a terrible snob! Now, things are a little different. I still dance with BellyFunk, I'm apart of the award winning Am Cab troupe Sirens and I study mainly with Fanina of Portland and of course, Ruby Beh.
RUBY! She sparked one of the biggest transformations in my dance life. I started going to her classes with Cassandra, just so she had a buddy, and everything changed when I first saw Ruby dance. Never before had I seen someone dance like she did. I'd never seen such joy and passion and power! There is something in her that inspires and moves; it changed me and my life forever. So for the last three years I've studied with Ruby. I bought my first Bella from her, under her tutelage I performed my first cabaret solo (something I had sworn NEVER to do!), and with her guidance competed at my first belly dance competition in 2012. I placed 2nd that year at La Danse Orientale in the Rising Star category and 2nd at Bellydancer USA in Hobbyist. This year I placed 1st in Semi Professional at La Danse and I won the title of Miss Bellydancer USA 2013! NONE of this could have happened with out Ruby!
I call her Life Changer, because thats all she's done since I met her. She changes the lives of those around her in the most amazing ways. She can help you discover your potential, your talents, your passion and perhaps a dedication to something you didn't realize you had in you. If I had to recommend any one to a teacher it would be her. If you're willing to work hard, to sweat and drill and LAUGH, she's the gal for you. 
If there's one this I've learned from Ruby its this: No pressure, no diamonds. If you're willing to give your time and energy she'll give you hers in return and in the end, you'll come out a gem! 




Natalie Mae

2013 "Miss Bellydancer USA"
2013 LaDance Orientale "1st Place Semi-Pro"
2012 LaDanse Orientale "2nd Place Rising Star"
2012 Bellydancer USA "2nd Place Hobbyist"


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