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Originally from San Francisco, Lillia pursued gymnastics for ten years before moving to Bellingham, Washington. She began bellydancing with Ruby in 2005, and hardly ever missed a class! Bellydance filled the gap that gymnastics left in her life, and it also allowed for more artistic expression in both movement and costuming. Lillia joined Ruby's student troupe in 2007, and began competing as a soloist around that time. Ruby encouraged her to keep competing and costuming, and she now teaches and performs regularly in Bellingham and Seattle, Washington. Ruby's instruction has pushed Lillia's dancing to a new level, and she plans to keep studying with Ruby as she goes on the perform and compete. 





2010 Emerald Rain  " 1st Place Troupe" (with Mahala Dancers)
2009 Bellydancer USA "3rd Place People's Choice Troupe"
               (with Mahala Dancers)
2008 Emerald Rain  "3rd Place Pro-Student"

2007 Double Crown "2nd Place Beginner"

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