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Cassandra Rose is a multi-award winning belly dancer from Salem, Oregon. She is Miss Belly dancer USA 2012 and Miss La Danse Orientale 2012. She is the director of three, multi-award winning troupes, Belly Funk, Sirens Bellydance and Eternal Sands. Cassandra's mentors and inspirations are Cira, Amy Sigil and Ruby Beh. Cassandra did not discover belly dance until she was 15 years old. She enjoyed dancing so much she decided to dabbled in many different styles, such as hip hop, modern, ballroom and she studied Jazz Dance for 5 years. After attending Western Oregon University for Dance, Cassandra dedicated herself to becoming a professional belly dancer and with Ruby's help, she made her dream come true.

Cassandra was first introduced to Ruby in 2010, and instantly feel in love with her style and passion. Cassandra immediately started taking classes with Ruby in Portland. She bought Ruby's DVD's and started taking private lessons with Ruby almost weekly. Ruby encouraged Cassandra to take belly dance seriously. To make it her career and to compete in Belly Dancer USA and other competitions. Ruby made Cassandra believe in herself, she gave her the support Cassandra had never had from other instructors. With Ruby's coaching and encouragement Cassandra went on to become Miss La Danse Oriental 2012 and Miss Belly Dancer USA 2012. Still to this day Cassandra states "Ruby turned me into a pro in a years time."





2013 "International ambassador of Belly dance"
2012 "Miss Belly Dancer USA"

2012 "Miss La Danse Orientale"

2012 La Danse Orientale " Troupe Category" (Sirens Belly Dance) 

2012 La Danse Orientale "Alternative Troupe Category" (Belly Funk) 

2011 Belly Dancer USA "1st Place Duet Category"
2011 Belly Dancer USA "1st Place People's Choice Award-Duet" (Adrianna and Cassandra Rose) 


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