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Anyelle started dancing with Ruby in Bellingham, Washington, as a teenager in 2006. She was shy, awkward and unsure on her feet. Before long, though, Ruby's encouragement and training transformed Anyelle on both a personal and artistic level. She began performing with Ruby's student troupe at the time, which went on to compete and win several awards. Under Ruby's guidance, Anyelle began teaching and dancing professionally in Bellingham, Seattle and surrounding Washington areas, and went on to compete and place in competitions. Without Ruby's teaching and constant challenge to always push yourself and do the best you can, Anyelle would not be who she is today!





2013 Bellydancer USA  " 1st Runner Up"
2013 Bellydancer USA " 3rd Place People's Choice"
2010 Emerald Rain "1st Place Troupe" (with Mahala Dancers)
2009 Bellydancer USA  " 3rd Place People's Choice"  Troupe (with Mahala Dancers)


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